About Parti Wai EX


    Parti Wai EX came about because of my mother, Gloria Busselman of Parti Wai Persians.  I can truly never thank her enough for all the help she has given me.  She has been involved in animals of some sort or another my whole life.  We had dogs, horses, birds, goats, cows, sheep, now they have lamas, alpacas, chickens, peacocks...oh yea, a miniature donkey...and who knows what else!!  While I enjoyed all of these animals immensely as I was growing up, other than horses, I have never taken on the interest in breeding any of them myself.  Until the cats came along. 

    At my first cat show I attended with my mom I thought...."WHAT are they doing!!"  Slowly I learned what was going on, what the judges were looking for, how important it was to be impeccably groomed and presented, how competitive it can be.  I was hooked!  I looked at every cat breed for a year and decided that my first show cat should be an Exotic.  Thanks to my mother's help, I met Bobbie Irie of Jobara Cattery and soon had the most adorable kitten to show in premiership.  GP RW Jobara's Zoom Zoom of Parti Wai EX.  Well, thanks to this kitten, who is absolutely one of the most precious things in the world to me, I wanted to breed my own Grand or Regional winner.  This sent me researching pedigrees and lines that produced the look I liked.  Sweet open expressions, cobby bodies and dreamy eyes.  Once again my mother was there to help, introducing me to those I did not know, and answering my eight thousand questions.  I must also mention the late Peter Romich of Grandaries Exotics, who became a very good friend to me, offering me advice and allowing me to own some of his wonderful kitties.  Peter was so knowledgeable about so many things, I will forever miss our many conversations.   

    My husband Jon and I, and our two daughters Alexa and Hanna, are happy to introduce you to Parti Wai EX Cattery (pronounced "Party Way"), continuing on my mother's cattery name...with a twist--adding the EX for Exotics! 

    We enjoy our cats very much.  Everyone is involved in their care and health, birthing the kittens, and of course all the fun socializing!!  When the kitties are not breeding or birthing and raising kittens, they are free to run the house in groups...and run they do! 

    We hope you enjoying our site and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Penni and Jon