CH Parti Wai EXpose'

Dilute Calico
DOB 8/24/02

Posey is our first home bred Parti Wai EX girl.  She is a
very nicely balanced girl with a sweet, curious expression.
Thank you to Susannah Pincheira of
Kissables Persians for leasing
us Posey's dam, Kissables Hallekalea, DM to start our breeding program.

CH Grandaries So Smitten
of Parti Wai EX

7808-1369737  Black & White
             Genetic Van

Artemis Amulet of Grandaries

1306-1333873   Blue & White Van

CH Angtini Charm of Artemis
1308-1218377   Black & White Van
GC Polcann Tuxedo of Artemis
GC RW Pansypatch Charmin of Artemis
Rubyrose Good News of Artemis
1107-898011  Blue & White Van
GC Rubyrose Proverb
GC NW Rubyrose Psalm of Skylite
CH Grandaries One From The Heart

7747-1252564   Tortie

CH Bi Hei C.B. of Grandaries
0110-1087362  Red
GC RW Beaudee Poppin Fresh of Bi-Hei
CH Hugsalot Marabella of Bi-Hei
Corsica's Doodle Bug of Grandaries
7709-1115293   Black
Corsica's Batman
Corsica's Button Tuck
Kissables Hallekalea, DM

Blue Patched Tabby and White

GC Catabury Armanti of Maural GC RW Lovelypurr's Bullwinkle of Catabury GC RW Daalimos Chinook of Lovelypurr
GC Lovelypurr's Savannah Brown
CH Catillak Color Me Happy of Catabury GC Brannaway Escapade of Catillak
Jenita Violet
GC Parti Wai Viviena of Kissables CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai DM GC Frenchcats Anzestry
CH Anz La Marquise de Frenchcats
CH Oresta Silver Lining of Parti Wai Bolo's Scooter John of Oresta
Oresta's Leeza of Parti Toi